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Week 6 Run 3 Done Over BANG!

So this morning i completed week 6 run 3 as yesterday i did week 6 run 2 and i could not wait! it felt amazing! i still cannot get over how i could not run for like 1 minute before starting this! its such a podcast for building up your fitness! So easy to do and fit in my day whilst at university!

I'm actually looking forward to week 7 :) Although my right knee towards the end start to play up! Whilst on my run i was slowing running up a hill and two ladies on bikes rode up the hill before me and when i got up the hill the two ladies were there and it looked like they were waiting for me to get up the hill and when i got to the hill then smiled at me haha slightly odd but good encouragement :D I see lots of people running in pairs, wish my friend carried this on with me :(

Thank you

Happy Running

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They were probably waiting to see if you needed assistance when you got to the top, or were gonna offer you a lift! I could do with oxygen when I tackle even a modest hump

Good stuff Shauna. You're eating up those miles, Week 7 looms and you're nearly there. Take care, and go steady, and you'll be at Graduation in no time. Just be careful to make sure you don't overdo things as you're doing so well

I quite like running on my own, although I do run with a group when I'm fit, but they talk to me but I can't answer back comfortably so wish they wouldn't. LOL I bet there is a running group attached to your uni


The lady cyclists were probably exhausted after riding up the hill, whereas you just ran up it!! Keep going. I think you get the best out of C25k by doing it on your own at your own pace. You are nearing graduation, so maybe think about joining a running group, when you complete.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Well done on completing week 6 - I start it next week. Good luck with W7 - enjoy! Best wishes.


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