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Week 3, run 1: tick

So that's the first run of week 3 done. The 3 minutes weren't quite effortless, but I was pleased that they were doable (especially compared to week 1, when a minute stretched me to the limit!). I was reading over old posts on the forum about breathing and agree that things seem to work better (for me, anyway) when I just get on with it rather than trying to breathe rhythmically.

I have a question about the app I'm using, Get Running. The feedback is positive and encouraging, but how does it compare with the one people here are using? All the complimentary comments about Laura are making me wonder who she is! I'd hate to miss something that might make a big difference!

Anyway, so far, so reasonably good.

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You are welcome as an "outsider", but most of us on here are using the NHS C25k app or podcasts. Laura is the voice of the training plan and her encouragement worked for all of us. Apparently she is also a graduate of the plan and offers advice and timings along with that all important spur to complete each run. The podcasts come with a backdrop of (IMO) somewhat cheesy music, which is carefully designed to make you want to get to the end as quickly as possible. The app just has Laura's voice, which can be played alongside your own music choices.

We are inevitably biased towards the NHS C25k plan and know that it works. There are many alternatives out there, but Laura has a special place in the hearts of all those who have completed this scheme. Whichever you use, doesn't really matter if iit gets you running. Good luck.


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