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Anyone had problems with timing of the app??


I'm on week 8 this week. I took my boyfriend out with me on week 5 the 20minute running and although he is fit he struggled and reckoned the clock on the app was wrong and we had run for longer than we should have. I thought he was just moaning! Since then I've put a timer on my phone and used the app and it's wrong. Last week I had completed my 25minute starting to go home and Laura comes in and says that's five minutes done! Anyone else had any problems? I'm just going to use my timer from now on.

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I had been using the podcasts but it was round about week 8 when I used the app and all of week 8 was squiffy for me - Laura and the timings - week 9 seemed fine though. Perhaps it is a glitch with the app?


Yes! I've had a number of different issues with the app. On week 7 I ran 30 mins instead of 25. I've timed myself tonight on week 8 and did 32 mins when Laura said it was 28! I also think I did more than the 20mins on run3 week5!


So sneaky Laura is getting people to more than they realise? Clever girl ;-) ;-) Shows we can do more than we think :-)


I have just had this with w8r1. Luckily I had checked my watch and had mapmyrun going too, but laura on the app said 5 mins done after I had run for 15 and was still saying 5 mins to go half an hour later! Hoping it is just a glitch but will be checking in future !

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