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Purrfect timing

Wk8R2 done in brilliant sunshine. Took a different route and ran along the canal. 3 male runners passed me and none of them nodded or smiled. Maybe I was scary! Just for a minute towards the end I fell into a lovely relaxed stride and for the first time thought 'I too can be a panther' and I now understand what JuicyJu means. Well, it was either that or a lack of oxygen to my brain. I felt I could run for longer and was mighty tempted but Laura's wisdom prevailed, I did as I was told, and the podcast finished just as I put my key in the front door. Purrfect timing.

Happy weekend , happy running everyone!

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yes I had the exact same thing when I finished wk7 yesterday, at the time I felt that I could have gone on longer because I had settled into it and yes found a stride that worked for me.

and did the same when told to stop I did and you should have heard the whooping (well in my head at least).


I've noticed that about most male runners (maybe not the C25K ones) but they always have this look of fierce concentration and make hard work of it - not to mention the fact that they don't smile or acknowledge people. By contrast, most of the women runners in my area do smile and say 'good morning'. Maybe it's just a male thing. Good that you are really getting into your stride now. Enjoy. Best wishes.


All C25kers smile and greet all they meet while running. It is a requirement for taking part in the training plan. Those who don't are not real runners.

Keep running, keep smiling.


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