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Motivation missing!!

So fed up with feeling under the weather. I was just getting back into shape (in my mind I run 3 times a week, in reality it's been once!), but i've had a cold/chest/stuffy nose/ sore throat for what feels like forever! Wondering whether to start again gently or give it another week until i feel better! It's been all too easy to stay under the duvet rather than run.

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I would wait until your chest is clear at least.


I was at week 5 run 2 when I started being ill.It has been 3 weeks since and I ent out and I have started back at week 2. My thoughts were that I am doing the c25k to be healthier and fit but also for enjoyment. Running when I am ill is n't fun. Plus I have no deadline I just want to be able to run for 30 minutes! So look after yourself!


I agree with pot58 and waletta. Take your time to get well. no point in pushing it or tormenting yourself about- when you feel better then get out there ! : )


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