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Back pain after running

I completed c25k 2 years ago and loved it but unfortunately got out of running. I have just completed week 1 again and this time I am combining with S&F. But I have had a lot of pain in my upper back, something that I didn't get last time. Could this be due to S&F working muscles that I didn't even know I had?? Or is it down to the running? Any tips on helping this pain would be great as I don't want to stop running now I am back into it!

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I got this when I started but I think it was due to me running in trail shoes and not proper running trainers-do you maybe need new shoes? As soon as I bought new trainers my back ache disappeared.


Thank you but I have proper running shoes so I'm not sure if it would be that??


It may be that starting two forms of exercise at the same time is niggling muscles that haven't been used before/for a while. I daresay it will sort itself out but, if it continues, best to see a GP just to be on the safe side. Best wishes.


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