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ive been robbed of miles

greetings all speed training last night was fun running 5 k in 1k fast and 1 k slow got 24min not bad not good however as i went to reset garmin for my 10 k it went blank and came back on ,so i run on ended up doing 10 and half k 55min and get home upload to map my run and da da not fast 5k ive been robbed by my garmin not very happy i hate losing miles .the run was ok apart from that people in cars seemed to think i was invisible not once but 4 time s i got cut crossing road ,id got a bright lime top on bright shoes .not the best of runs for me never the less i shall plod on happy running all

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I had Garmin issues yesterday but due to my own daftness. It's annoying though as you think you wasted a run, but you know that you didn't of course cos you ran it. You do feel cheated though don't you and it sort of sets you back mentally. To make up for my error I ran further so it was ok in the end. It's ok to be miffed though Moger and it'll spur you on for the next one. She said hopefully. LOL!


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