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Ready I think:-)


Well I'm signed up for the Wakefield 10k run in aid of the hospice. Been following my training plan but it didn't ask me to run 10k till the day of the race. I was worried about the embarrassing image of a 61 year old woman floundering on the floor, red faced and breathing heavily, so I decided, right or wrong, to do a test run. So 9.1K in 1hr 15mins later I felt really pleased and happy now that I can do it, not very fast but at least without leaving my watching grandson scarred for life! So bring it on!!!

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Wow! Way to go Towzer. That's the spirit. I can understand your wanting to test the water and do a run beforehand. At 56 I've just done my first 10 k. Out on the trail, not in a race though. I didn't die. I thought I surely would. LOL

I hope your training continues to go well and that on the big day the floundering, red faced, puffed out middle aged lady on the floor won't be you. You'll be the one leaving your grandson in your wake.


Thanks miss wobble my grandsons only 9 and watching only, took him out for a run once, never again, he begyed me to take him home, embarrassed or knackered don't know which :-)


Well done towzer You setting great example for your grandson And bet he's proud of you even if he doesn't show it Even if you are red faced and breathing heavily on day so what You should hear my breathing! You are doing fantastic I am running race ( only 1 mile) with 3 yr old grandson in may and he still tells me to practise more if I want to be speedy fast like him !! All power to us grandmas -- oh and grandads We rock

towzer61Graduate in reply to Fitfor60

damn right and i hope the adrenelin will help us both be speedy on raae day!

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