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Fortnight since I last ran, ankle still hurts :(

Just wanted to check in really to remind myself that I am still a C25K-er. Having busted my ankle on the last run of W8, I have now had a fortnight off since my last run and it is still not right. I've been to the GP who said elevation, heat and ibuprofen, so am doing all of those when I get a chance (as a working mum of two boys, I spend a lot of time on my feet and rest is a bit of a pipe dream!).

Went out yesterday, got my gait analysed and bought the most fabulous (and fabulously expensive) pair of proper running shoes. The gait analysis shows that I am pronating slightly on my right foot (the side where the ankle is bad), and the man in the shop had a bit of a double take when he saw the knackered old trainers that I'd been running in up till now, so maybe that explains the injury.

I've had to accept that I won't be doing the Mothers' Day 5k, which is upsetting me more than it probably should. I know it's more important to let my ankle heal properly and concentrate on getting back the fitness that I'd started to achieve.

I miss being a runner though!!

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Hi Snork We'd not forgotten you don't worry and would have sent out the search parties had you not checked in! Ankles! Dam* em! Many of us have been there. I crocked my back on week 2 and then crocked my ankle. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. It's so frustrating isn't it. I persisted with the ice and elevation, pain killers etc whenever possible, and every night before bed. Mine took four weeks, but the getting back to running took longer than expected. If you're a younger person that might not be the case and you might just pick up where you left off. I do hope so!


Ah, thank you misswobble for your lovely message. It certainly is frustrating though it does help to know how many others have been through it.

I am resigned to having to go back a few weeks - wonder if I will be able to manage the famous W5R3 when I go back or if I'll be back to run/walk.


You'll just have to see. No rush when you do get back out there. You will be afraid to push it in case you hurt yourself all over again. You do a gentle, no pressure, run to your fave tunes and preferably on the flat!


Yes just get that ankle right . Misswobble & I have been there & know how frustrating it is . I completely feel for you I really do , I'm back after being out ofaction for 9 wk , I've started c25k again just to be on the safe side , there's no rush so only start back when that ankles right . Good luck


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