Couch to 5K

Would you run tonight?

I ran yesterday morning at about 8.30am - basically followed the W9R3 program on the treadmill which is what I have been doing since graduation as I want to feel comfortable about running for 30min.

My son is swimming tonight and rather than sitting about waiting on him at the pool I could pop to the gym at the leisure centre and run again - about 8pm tonight - do the same program.

Would that be enough rest time?

I usually run on a Friday too so would that rule that out - or ok if I left it until Fri night when son is swimming again?

Sat and Sun are definite rest days :)

I have concluded I love running! but I have also got this far without injury so cautious about over doing it.


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You could go to the gym and do some cross training, which would give you a break from running but you'd be helping your general body fitness. Or you could go for a swim or a walk. Walking is very good cross training. If you must run again then just go very steady. Being over enthusiatic, and running each run if it's a race will result in you getting injured!!! You have to take care not to overdo things. You are still a beginner so still building up your running legs, so take care.


I would say that you would be better off doing something other than running maybe a spin session which will give you a good workout but use different muscles to running, especially if you plan on running again tomorrow, it's very easy to overdo it


I have done a similar split, run at 9 in the morning on a Wednesday then on the Thursday at 12:30 a few times both while I was following the program and since because sometimes it is the only way to get the runs in because of fitting round my kids. I would then wait till Saturday to do the next run though, I suspect 3 days in a row might be too much and lead to injury problems. Maybe follow MissWobble's advice and do some cross training tonight.


Thanks everyone. I ran weds and again last night but will do some cross training tonight whilst the boy does his swimming .... Or I might just take my Kindle and read smut for a bit ;)


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