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Week 9 run 2 Done , One more to go !


Finished Week 9 Run 2 today and although it was tough in places, it was still rewarding. I've got the energy, just a few niggling aches in the calfs and shins preventing me from really enjoying the 30 minute run. Last last one on Friday and then straight to another 5K ParkRun on Saturday morning. I know we should be taking a days rest in between runs but I think I should be OK by now..Get that shiny Graduates Badge ready guys !! :) One last thing for all of you guys looking for different 5K Routes in your area. I downloaded the App called FOOTPATH. It works with GPS and locates your location on a Map. Then all you have to do is draw straight onto the Map and the App calculates the exact Distance of the route you have drawn. You can save routes for future reference..Amazing !!

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Well done Chris!! Maybe you have earned yourself mental/physical points to combine all your energy into your park run on Saturday. I did my first 8k (8.25k() Monday and was supposed to run today (really want that 10k but not sure if capable yet) Anyway, knowing I too am doing a parkrun on Saturday faced the same dilemma. Didn't run today but going tomorrow so I hope to feel refreshed Saturday. All you can do is listen to your body and what feels right for you - good luck :)


8.25k is amazing , I'm still not sure I will make that!! I know I said that about reaching 5k, but moving on past 5k seems a long way off. What did you do to build up from 5k?? I'd love to be able to do a 10k some day.

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