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Week 4 Run 3 -sort of done!

So there I was this morning happily halfway through the second 3 minute run when the MP3 player decided to cut out. Very frustrating. I used the clock on my phone to continue the session and completed it okay but it didn't feel the same as when I have the podcast on. I could say that I have completed week 4 now but think I may just do the run again on Friday when the MP3 player is charged up again. Fair to say I was disappointed at the podcast cutting out because this run was going so well - and continued to go well until the end of the 30 mins, albeit without Laura for the second half. Such is life.

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I've tried but I still can't run without Laura and still alternate the three C25K+ podcasts nearly a year after graduating! If I try to run without her I keep slowing to a walk instead without her chivvying me along and the music beat to run to.


I managed to keep running okay, it was just that it didn't feel right without Laura - almost as though I wasn't on the programme for that amount of time. I'll do the run again tomorrow. Thank you for your comments, it's heartening to know that a graduate admits to needing Laura at times. Best wishes.


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