Couch to 5K

Just completed week one I think I'm hooked

I decided to run after being hospitalised by a virus, turning 40 and feeling a bit overweight.

I had previously had problems with my knees requiring 2 operations so I was apprehensive.

After losing a stone and a half I decided to do c25k, like the title says I've just completed week one and I'm hooked (I even got up at 5:45am to run before work). I bought some new running shoes and downloaded the podcasts to my phone and ran.

I track my runs with the Nike + app and every run so far I've hit my fastest mile.

I start week 2 on Thursday, I can honestly say running makes me happy (endorphins!). Just wanted to say hi and I'll pop by every couple of days for a look.

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Welcome! Enjoy the journey :)


Yep, it doesn't take long for the addiction to take hold. Enjoy that buzz but stick to the plan and don't overdo it. There may be lows alongside the highs but this forum will guide you through with support and advice. Good luck. Keep running, keep smiling.


Welcome aboard. As already said above, listen to your body, take things steady and never miss rest days - they are very important. Enjoy the programme and good luck. Best wishes.

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