Couch to 5K

Slacker back out on the road!

So here are my excuses;

1.I got a nasty cold before Xmas

2.Then Xmas and too many visitors for too long (not next year, I've learned my lesson!)

3.fall scared me silly

4. Rain rain rain rain and lots of dark I'm to scared to go out, I might fail

Then I went out, I had not slipped back as far as I had feared, and this morning I was out for 6 with my dawgy which is how it allllll started! I'm feeling much better, head in a better place and plan to get back to park run in 2 weeks!

3 Replies

Great to see you back. I am sure you will be park to those park runs in no time. God luck.


I'm sure we could all add a few more to your list that we've used. The longer you leave it the more excuses you find so well done in getting out there & good luck with the park run.


Thank you runners! This morning I was rifling through my sack of excuses as I was waking, but I took myself in hand and I'm sitting eating breakfast after having my best run so far, no stops I used my music to help today and it really does help! So a lovely sudsy shower and I'm ready for the day!!!!


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