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I was reading on here a few days ago ,that people who find it difficult to fit in the gym in the evenings exercise before work. I thought that I would hate this but then realised that I am hardly ever in the mood to exercise after work. So ............I decided to give it a go ........and ..........I felt absolutely brilliant all day yesterday !! :-) I am not normally a morning person, I was at the gym for when it opened at 6.30. Did a run, cross trainer, and planks , showered and was out of there and in the car by 7.35 (the time that I usually leave home for work.) This is going to be my new time for exercise 3 mornings a week to start with. Anyone who is thinking about doing the same...........I would say 'go for it'

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Hear Hear!!! I did Couch to 5k at the gym on an evening but now I run in the mornings - it's so much better! It doesn't take long to get used to the new routine and you feel amazing all day long (much better than thinking about the impending work out all day).


my feelings exactly Jana83, and I just waste time on the computer over a leisurely breakfast normally. I'm actually looking forward to going tomorrow :-)


That was my plan when I joined the gym! Forgot to take one thing into account though - my kids (all in secondary school) are completely unable to get up for school if I'm not there to pull the quilts off them). Ho hum :(

Good luck with it, I'm very envious of you :) I bet you felt good all day at work.


to be honest helc I would find it harder to get out if I wasn't on my own in the house, if my children were still at home I would be the same . It's something to aim for as soon as they fly the nest :-) :-)


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