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W7R3 tomorrow, the end is near!!


I am about to complete W7R3 tomorrow and I am still loving the program, I can see the end now and I have started to wonder what next? I would like to keep going but I am not sure I want to go straight into a 10K challenge. Can anyone recommend a program (I really like the voice that tells me I'm half way or just 1 min to go and to push faster) to maintain or develop my technique?

I plan to do the 10k just want to settle a bit first.


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The 5k+ podcasts were recommended to me and I am doing those at the moment. They are meant to build speed and stamina after you have completed C25K, so you may like to have a listen to those. They are downloadable from the HealthUnlocked site. Well done for getting this far, you are nearly there! x


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