Couch to 5K

Start again :-)

Well was doing well reached week 5 run 2 then got the flu( posted on here about it). Even got back and started at week 3. But then relapse...days of congestion and yuckiness(technical term). So now been nearly 3 weeks without a run. Away at son's over the weekend and did a lindyhop dance class with him. EMBARRASSING! I was red as a beetroot and melting !!! Back to it tomorrow...think I had better start at week 1 again and see how I go...wish me luck :-)

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Sorry to hear you haven't been well. Good luck with your re- start. Your perseverance is admirable. You will be graduating before too long :)


Sorry you've been unwell, it's annoying when it stops you doing something, not once but twice. You are on your way again though. Probably wise to start from the beginning, flu takes a lot out of you so you need to build up gently again. Good luck and my best wishes to you.


Thank you both.... I am determined to do the 30 minutes!


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