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This never happened before

After the "first run since october" a few weeks ago I have kept running 3 days per week, as I am entering a 10km race in May. In all the jogs since I first started C25K I have never experienced much disconfort other than a bit of thirst or heat or maybe some muscle pain. But last saturday I went off for my morning jog and after a while I started feeling nauseated to the point I didn't even manage 5km and walked the rest of the way back home. Apparently I wasn't looking very well and the nausea feeling only went after some rest and beroca. This week I managed to reach 6.5km after than incident, but am quite puzzled as this has never happend before. Anyone experienced the same?

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Do you normally eat before you run? I don't usually if I run first thing in the morning. I've never experienced nausea, but sometimes I've had a really weird sensation in my head - which usually goes if I drink some water and eat a jelly type ("large fruit pastille") sweet or two.


I have. It's horrible, but I think my reason was that I was eating a tiny bowl of oatmeal prior to running (I'm a morning runner) and it was too heavy. I now have a vegetable juice which I make myself and that gives me enough fuel for between 5 and 7K.


I usually eat half banana and some water when runing straight off bed, otherwise I'll have a toast and juice breakfast and go for a run a couple of hours after, so I don't feel a heavy stomach running.

Oh well, hope it doesn't happen again, happy to know other people have experienced the same.


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