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In between days

Is anybody jogging at all inbetween the 3 runs? I'm just walking. I start week 9 on Monday and I've done it all on the treadmill so maybe it would be better to graduate on the treadmill. But as I have signed up to Race for Life in July, I really need to start running outside to get used to it. I did week8 run 3 last night. I don't want to overdo it but thought as I have a rare holiday off work today, I would try a little outdoor run?

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I run 6 days out of 7. I alternate between Laura and following the runner's world programme. It really depends on you, your level of fitness etc. if you are coming back to running for the first time, the rest days are vital. If you want to do something then walking, swimming or cycling are better options because it helps give your whole body a better overall work out and eases the strain on muscles used for running. I go to Pilates classes every day after my runs which help with giving me that relief workout

As for running outside, you will find it hard going, so the earlier you can introduce it, the better the prep for your race. Maybe start at one run a week outside and build from there to transition from being on the treadmill? Make sure your shoes are appropriate and plan out several different routes ahead of time so that you don't have to panic enroute on where to go. Try different routed and surfaces (road, pavement, grass, track etc which will help your strength develop and help give some relief from pounding away all the time on the road). From a safety perspective, keep a mobile with you and let someone know where you are going.


I have only once run on consecutive days, and this was after graduating when I went for a gentle 3km run both times. I think rest days are recommended for a reason, so would strongly advise against you running today. However, if it's a nice day then why not go for a walk and recce some possible running routes that you can use?

I think you have two main options for preparing for the Race for Life. You could do as suggested above and do one run out of the 3 outside. However, if you find that hard, then why not graduate on the treadmill and then maybe go back a few weeks to what you can comfortably do outside, then complete the programme again out there. You'll know that you have the stamina to do it, but you may have to adjust a few things. Seems to me like there's plenty of time until July, so no need to rush your preparation and I wouldn't recommend risking injury by putting in an extra run today.


Thanks for the replies! I think I will go back a few weeks on the plan for outdoor but still do treadmill running too. I went out for a walk in the end!


I only run outdoors and I run three days a week. The other days I walk. I wear a Fitbit and aim at over 10,000 steps a day and over five miles. I think your muscles need a rest. I did my first Race for Life last summer in London on one of the hottest days of the year. I went off in the runners' group at the start but still people were slowing to a walk around me or in front of me which was frustrating but of course I then did a couple of times so I could take a drink from my water bottle. I'm a slow runner at 64 so my time was just under 40 minutes - this year I hope to do much better.


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