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How do you prepare for a 10k event?

Happy Friday night everyone!

I did a run today and whilst I was plodding along I started thinking about how I should get ready for my first 10k event in May - so I thought I'd ask those of you who have been there before?! Do you have a rest day beforehand, eat anything specific, have any rituals/superstitions?!

Not sure why I started worrying about it as I am doing a local 10k and actually was running the route today! Just a bit concerned I might get carried away with trying to keep up with everyone and the excitement of being in a race :)

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just get up to distance of 10 k and just run your own race most of all enjoy

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If you're used to the distance, then 10km isn't that hard. The only tweak I'd suggest to what moger said is to actually aim to get used to running further than 10km. With regards to rest day's, you'll know in the week before how much rest you need, but I usually drop the last regular run before the event.

Most importantly, know your pace and don't get carried away the event :-)


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