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Week 2 run 2 - mixed feelings

Just finished my run number 2 and feel good! I, like everyone else doing week 2 it seems, can not imagine that I will be able to run for 3 minutes next week BUT I keep reading all the positive posts from those if you who have been there and done it and it is REALLY helpful and encouraging. Each time I go out I find I'm adapting my route or my running style (lol) to get the best from my run eg after the warm up walk I was faced with my first run commencing on a hill (think lobster coloured hippo) so I now walk for an extra bit and start the run a little further on where its flat. Simple! I'm still taking the dog, but really feel I need to knock that on the head as she is a bit of a hindrance.

I must say I feel fab. And my jeans are fitting better already!

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Yay, great news. Keep up the good work. It does pay off: I noticed yesterday that one of my favourite dresses was fitting me a lot better yesterday, so I decided to weigh myself (I'm mortally afraid of my scales!) and found I'd lost 6kg since I started running way back in January. Given that I had to take an enforced break due to injury, this feels amazing. I still have a long way to go (my target is to get to 45kg), but small steps. My dog is not thankful though :-) It used to be happy that someone would wake up so early to take it for a "walk". It now pretends to be asleep when I come downstairs for a run in the mornings. I think this is mainly because I have started keeping it on the lead througout my run because refuses to keep up with me :-) However, on the plus side, he has lost weight too. He was a spoilt, overfed little cocker spaniel and now is a much healthier, sleek little one :-)


Well done on the 6kg weight loss. That's a lot, especially as I'm thinking you don't weigh much anyway! If your goal is 45 kg, you must be quite slight? And great news about your doggy getting fitter too. What a great side effect. Do you find it easier to run without your dog?


You are very kind :-) Unfortunately, I'm significantly overweight: 45kg is my target as recommend by my GP for my height. 6kg is a great start though in the right direction, and I was pleasently surprised: I honestly wasn't expecting it to be that much so far. It is definately easier to run without my dog as he likes to stop and sniff everything :-(


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