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Week5R2 done!

That was a 8/5/8 Run/walk/run . I actually did it twice over -- the second time I used a Metronome App on my smartphone set to 180 beats per minute to set my running cadence. That increased my heartrate 10 BPM over what it was on the first run of the day. I am finding this 4/4 and 3/4 rythmic breathing to be good and seems to keep my heart rate lower the the 3/3 and 3/2 rhythms that I had been using -- I think the slower breathing rate is forcing me to fill my lungs more and maybe more importantly forcing me to expel all of the used air out.

On Friday, I will not be running the normal 20 minute W5R3 -- but replacing it with a 10/3/10 run/walk/run. Then next week I will change over from this C25K programme to the final 4 weeks of the Runners World one, which suits me better with a slower three week buildup to continuous 20, 25 and 30 minute runs.

I expect that I will be frightening a few kangaroos with my early morning runs over these next 4 weeks :)

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Nice one Bazza. Sounds like you have the breathing & HR sorted out nicely now and I know that was important to you. As a reformed heretic who was welcomed back to the C25K fold I cannot of course condone your defecting to RW but I do very much understand your thinking - and may still join you if truth be told, depending on how W6R6 goes tomorrow...


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