Couch to 5K

W5R3 Done!!!

I've just got out of a well deserved long bath after completing W5R3 tonight. I didn't set any land speed records (although that's not the point is is?), just kept a steady pace and listened to Laura clock off the time. When she said there were just two minutes left I couldn't believe it, I was completely in control and my breathing was rythmic and steady.

This program really works! I couldn't imagine running for 20 minutes without a break five weeks ago, and here I am completing this milestone and thinking I could have gone a bit faster!

Really feeling chuffed as a chocolate frog at the moment!

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Well done keep up the good work!


Thanks, feeling really pleased with myself at the moment and am definitely going to keep running now.


CONGRATULATIONS!its a great feeling to pass that 20 min milestone! Well done!


Yeah, I'm still buzzing two hours after I finished. Might have to knock myself on the head to get to sleep tonight ;-)


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