WELL?....'Why don't you?'

WELL?....'Why don't you?'

I'm on a bit of a panthering roll at the moment, I think its the warmer weather.

I did my long run today...my lad had to be collected at 2k with a sore knee :(

I was quite weary both emotionally and physically and I took it real slow...

At 12k I walked as I was tired, and I heard the sound of water. I could see a brook and I was so hot and I had drunk all of my water. It came out by the road and it was so pretty, all sparkly from the sun and clear. I decided to get in and took my shoes and socks off ( see pic)....I won't ever forget that delicious moment, it felt so fresh and refreshingly icy on my hot,sweaty toes!! I ate a few randoms and basked in the sun splashing in the water. Quite a few people went by on bikes grinning and smiling. Then one couple went passed and the woman said to her fella,

'I've always wanted to do that,' and he said,

'Well...why don't you?'

And they carried on cycling and I carried on splashing my feet in the deliciously sparkly water enjoying the moment......Then off I went again and I got to 15k stopping at SPAR for some fluids!!!

Sometimes you have to sieze the moment, and follow your gut instinct even if your brain is saying things like, 'Cant do that, no time, what about the dinner...cat...dog...granny...blah blah blah...'

I just wanted to share that as it really made me think about my own life too...sometimes its about taking risks and making a leap, doing something different and stopping just to take in life when the moment is there.....

Happy panthering



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  • I'm still learning to do things like that - maybe one day I'll get the hang of it and just have a "f**k it" moment and just do it. I need to take time for me and not just for others.

  • we all need that f**k it moment...you will know it when it comes ( have you seen the 'Yes man'?- great film)...your challenge for this week then....??

  • That's lovely seizing the moment like that. I do believe we have to take the time for the good things we come across in life, so well done you. That lady will be dangling her feet in there before long, I bet! I was only on my second post grad jog today, but got to 5.6k, so bit by bit I will get there. Still very slow but I had a lovely time by my favourite stretch of water. x

  • oh wow well done, that sounds wonderful......and I hope she is!!!!

  • I love this post. I have a become a very much do it now person as I have got older. I have done some amazing things over the years just because, I have also done some very ordinary things that have brought the biggest smile to my face. But most of all I have become happier. Your post conveys all that so well. Hope your sons knees get better soon. Happy panthering back at you.

  • Thankyou...you sound very wise...and yes the knees are ok now....thankyou x

  • I do things like that. Well it's free! Fill your boots. Quite literally in your case Juicy! LOL

    Life's pleasures don't always need to cost. I rounded a stand of trees yesterday while running, to find the sun out on the other side. It really made me feel immediately happier

  • You rock Misswobble...thats exactly it, and we all need to grasp that....

  • Love it, its such a good frame of mind too. Running doesn't always have to be about times and PB's. I'll bet that short break put body and soul back in alignment Panther Girl. Hope your lad's knee is OK and he can get back out with you soon.

  • thankyou...and yes it did...Leon's knees are fine now...he did footie today!!!

  • Well why don't we indeed! What a lovely post Juicy Ju, you made me well up. It is so easy to get bogged down in everyone else's blah, blah. So thanks for the reminder. I'll hold your photo in my head to keep that thougth. Thank you.

  • awww thankyou so much....x

  • Brilliant idea taking some money with you JJ. I must start doing that. My usual loop takes me past two quite reasonable pubs...

  • I usually just take my card so I can get emergency goodies!!!

  • Lovely post , this is what it's all about . You summed it all up beautifully just beautifully. ! Hope your lad is on the mend soon & keep on enjoying the moment

  • Thankyou...and yes all ok!

  • Thats an inspiring read! The water looks lovely!

    Funnily enough i've just been down by the seafront walking my dog and passed the GIANT wibbly wobbly slide thats been there since i was a kid & i used to love it, and i thought"this year i'm going to get that mat and slide down that slide!" So thats an ambition to go for! Not much to do with running but i think i'm just learning not to be self- conscious so much and just go for it!

  • YOU MUST!!!! And we need a pic :)

  • .........when i happens i will make sure i have a photo for posterity!!

  • Panthering?????????

  • I am so glad you asked Bazza. I have been wondering too. JuicyJu please put us out of our misery / overactive imagination. I assume it is nothing like cougaring..?

  • Panthering= running strong, wild and free, and being in touch with our carnal needs...

  • Your feet look soooo happy. Thanks for a great post, it was just the cheer up I needed for a Sunday night :)

  • Thankyou!!!

  • Carpe diem indeed. So did the cycling lady take the advice ?

  • no...sadly she kept on going...I felt like running after her and throwing her in!!!!

  • Now that would have been funny. Well done on the run - nice to see you enjoying it.

  • Great post Ju. Hot feet, cool water, what's not to like? Have a great day today.

  • Thanks OldNed x

  • Yep, seize the moment, 'cos life is made up of moments and it's those little moments we remember :)

  • ...so true.....

  • That really does sound such a perfect thing to do mid way through the run - and now you have found the stream you can incorporate that into your regular route now - a bit like a pit stop and quiet place in case you need it...

    And that's why we have two hands, instead of always using both of them to hold on to life, we sometimes need to let go with one hand and grab hold of opportunities when they are there.

    Happy Panthering too

  • I know....and I'm working on it...thankyou. Panthering is what keeps me awake.

  • My Jack Russell once found a discarded space hopper under the hedge bottom and dragged it out and started attacking it. Before he could burst it me and my son had a good bounce around on it. Great fun. The dog went berserk and it ended up punctured but some good fun had by all. Seize the day!

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