Couch to 5K

So chuffed! Week 4 Run 1 in the bag!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay I didn't die!

So chuffed, my knees had been playing up due to the incorrect trainers, so I destroyed my bank balance and treated myself to a beautiful pair after having gait analysis done.

The trainers seemed to help me - which I know sounds daft, but I guess I mean I felt like I didn't have to put as much emphasis into moving. I feel a bit stiff today and after resting a couple of days since my last session, my knees are twinging slightly but no where near they would have been with my other original trainers. I do however, feel great for completing it :)

Just wanted to get that out there as no one else in the office I work in understands the excitement!

Kind regards and thanks in advance for taking the time to read my post.

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Well done. Your office may not understand, but we do. You're nearly have way through. There's The Strength & Flex programme on here which can help your body too. I've seen some people on here are logging how many much distance they are covering with their trainers. Up to you if you want to do that.

Good luck.


Congrats on the new shoes. You'll feel more like a runner now you've got the right shoes for the job

Keep up the good work


Well done! I'm about to go out on run 2 of wk 4. Really looking forward to it. Something the old me would have never said!

Glad the new trainers have helped. And I can understand your excitement, I'll be posting the same in 2 days :)


Sounds like you're really enjoying this. Well done, happy running. x


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