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W5R3 - I did it, I did it!!!!

Just completed week 5, so chuffed! First ten minutes weren't too bad, was actually a bit surprised when laura cut in to say I was half way. Got from 10 - 15 mins thanks to Moby's Bond theme - I must have as psychic playlist! Last five mins were tough but kept going, talking to myself (oops!), and couldn't believe it when time was up.

No way I felt I could have done this last week - it is possible! Thank you to everyone for their advice and support.

Week 6, here I come!

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That's brilliant, well done - I bet you feel fantastic!


That's fantastic, well done! It's a great one to do and I think makes you realise that this programme is absolutely do-able. Enjoy your running x


I'm so glad I'm not the only person who talks to myself... I'm in the middle of a few repeats of Run 2 Week 5 (until I feel a bit more ready to face the big one), and when I really have nothing left to give, I find myself checking there's no one around a growling 'COME ON.' under my breath... Like a nutter.


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