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Back on Track - with a "Girdle" - and running with a double hernia

New year and what a superb start, had just got into w2r1, then the discomfort started. Double hernia (smallish ones) diagnosed, surgery suggested... Decision time for me and much thinking to be done. And last week, thanks to so many hugely informative and helpful posts from so many of you, roughly 5 weeks after the diagnosis I decided to give a girdle a try - i remember laughing at my grandma when i saw her in one for the first time half a century ago. I have never needed one till now (knocking on for 60) but putting it on (tx M&S) was the best warm up I have ever had. It took me a good 5 minutes to get into it, and by the time it was sitting right I was puffing and panting. My did I get off to a good start, repeated all w1 and today am about to be off for w2r1. There is no discomfort at all during the runs and I feel much safer. Although this may not be a long-term solution (hernias don't heal, so I am told) I prefer to try a non-op solution for a while. Later in the year I'll have a second scan to assess the situation again. My thanks also to the lady who posted the link to "chi running". Have changed my technique accordingly and find the runs much easier and feel less strain on my shins.

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Sounds like you're battling though it! ( Can I admt to smiling a bit at your description of putting on the girdle :)

As as you try not to overdo it i'm sure you'll be fine. Listen to your body, as they say, and take it slowly.

You're up off the couch now which is all that matters - Well done!


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