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Best way to 10k?

Hi all, I've completed the c25k a week ago and am now running just over 5k in 28 mins which considering I haven't run since I left school in 1980 I'm impressed with. However I now feel like trying to get to 10k.......

Just looked at a few apps (iPhone) and the bridge to 10 k seems to want you to run 10 mins walk run walk etc. However I've read you should increase distance by adding 10% to your run every week - and a few other different ideas too.

It seems like going backwards to start the run walk again after all of Laura's hard work but just wondered how everyone else is doing it?

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With Bridge to 10 k you don't get many walks, but you're grateful for them when they come let me tell you. LOL You only get a minute's walk in between the running segments but the runs get longer each week

Run walk intervals are good for you. They help build up stamina. If you do Laura's C25K+ podcasts Stepping Stones, Stamina and Speed they would be a good introduction into Bridge to 10 k


Congratulations on completing C25k, fellow runner. To get to 10k and beyond, I increased my distance gradually, 10% is recommended and hearing tales of injury from those who exceeded it gets my recommendation too. Run/walk intervals is a very common way of improving your endurance. If you felt it was going backwards, you could try the plan, but just reduce your pace to a very slow run for the "walk" intervals. One thing that I have learned about trying to increase distance and duration, is that you need to be able to clearly gauge your pace to make sure it is sustainable for the distance and intervals can help considerably in achieving this.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Well done on completing c25k in 28 mins - amazing! I graduated last July (in 34 mins) and have slowly been increasing in distance on one of my 3 weekly runs and I have run 10km twice now, the first being in January. I didn't like the idea of walking within the runs as I find it hard to get going again! I think you have to do what suits you and you may like the structure of the bridge to 10k programmes- just take it easy and listen to your body- good luck!


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