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5 Minutes?? Poof!

Hmm -- well it was with trepidation that I faced the first morning of Week 4 .

My first 5 minutes of running -continual, uninterrupted, unbroken, constant, ceaseless, incessant,steady, sustained, solid, continuing, ongoing, unceasing, without a break, permanent, non-stop, round-the-clock, persistent, unremitting,relentless, unrelenting, unabating, unrelieved, without respite, endless,unending, never-ending, perpetual, without end, everlasting, eternal,interminable;

But it turned out to be quite uneventful. Actually I lost track of the time - because I was concentrating on my "rythmic breathing" techniques and temporarily forgot all about the running/moving legs side of things. Hmm -- maybe that's the secret to all this???

For example, I "think" I may have discovered that longer exhales work better for me that the usual longer inhales. ie 2:3, instead of 3:2 beats. I used to ( in a long past life) be in the Submarine Service - and to get into that Service , the medical required that you past an "exhalation test" - as it is VERY important for Submariners to be able to exhale as much air out of their lungs as possible in a certain emergency situation (like an emergency escape). BUT I was very borderline on this test - as it seems that my ability to exhale is less than the average. So, I feel more exploration/experimentation of this matter is required for me.

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Yey! well done.

that 5 mins is a really nice surprise isn't it, miraculously, easier than you ever expected!

I am the same on the breathing and find the longer exhale works well......

not sure about the rights/wrongs of this, but i just repeated the 20 min run and no stitches.


I must be doing something right - because when I have run when I was younger, I ALWAYS got stitches. I have not had one stitch now since I took up this running at my "advanced" age 3 months ago. I think it is because I am taking it quite easy. Confucius say : " What does man do with 1/100th of second saved in 100 metre sprint??


i'm impressed with that list of words describing the long 1st 5 min stretch!! Well done on your progress, i keep forgetting to get into a set breathing pattern, but it would help me a lot, i will have to practice more!Good luck for the rest of the week....


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