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First post for a while

Haven't had a run for 7days since my lovely run in York . Did lots of walking round York and a 4.65 k along the beach at Bridlington with the sons family plus General the dog, unfortunately Barry caught a chill and not been too good. I had to drive home, not done much motorway driving but really enjoyed it . Been out this morning it was hard work with the hills round here, only did 3.11k but made it out the door.

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Hi there P sorry to hear Barry not good, hope he feels better soon. Please don't use the 'O' word when referring to a distance, 3.11K is a heck of a lot further than you used to run, further in fact than many of us ever could run before we got off the couch. Take it steady and a gradual increase will have you back to your normal running speed and distances in no time at all.


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