Couch to 5K

Week 2 completed eeek

Ran my last week 2 run today went well, I always find the first run of the cycle hard it's like my legs forget what to do !!! I'm really proud of myself never thought I'd get this far and looking forward yet scared to week 3 as ever lol, I'm sure I'll get to 3 mins but it sounds so daunting, but legs you've stuck with me so far , let's keep at it !!!

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Well done you! I'm doing my first week 3 run tomorrow morning. I have no idea how in the world I'm going to do 3 minutes, but I trust in everyone else who says it is actually possible. Wish me luck.


I thought that too -- because, although I have been running/exercising for some months now, it had all be very short sessions of running/walking, no more than 30 seconds of running at a time.

Just take it slowly -- an easy jog just a tiny bit faster than what you can walk, breathe rythmically and you will ace it in!! :)

I hope my advice works for me when I try to run 5 minutes straight this week and then 8 minutes straight next week. :) What I am going to do about the first 20 minute run, I don't know!!!!!! :)


Thanks guys and I know how you both feel, I'm same but I known from reading posts here everyone worried same and still got there , I know we can too, good luck xx


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