Couch to 5K

W2r2 hmmmm

Didn't really wanna do it and felt tired and bit off but I pushed myself and did it , not my best and felt bit harder than first run, but I put that down to my mood I coulda left it a day but I want to stick at it and I don't wanna fall into trap of I'm not in mood or I'll do it tomorrow , I know I have to stick at it !! So although not great run I'm proud I kicked my arse in gear and did it anyway xx go me getting less lazy everyday

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This was a few days ago dunno why it didn't post then


I had a bit of a glitch with Week2/Run2 also - I just didn't feel like it for whatever reason and my body just wasn't right. Week2/Run3 was much better though. Week3/Run1 was great also - onwards and upwards!

Well done for getting out there! Setting a routine is something I personally have to do, otherwise I'd just procrastinate about it and it would never get done. I lay out all my running gear the night before too, then go into auto-pilot when I wake up. Works for me!


I will do W2R2 tomorrow morning - finally Autumn seems to have arrived so it has been cool overnight and only around 21C in the early morning - what a relief!!

One thing I will be doing is giving Laura away for this second run of the week. The piece of "music" included in the podcast for the first 5 minute run was AWFUL. And I don't mean awful just because I didn't like it - it was some kind of Rap music which had no rhythm that I could ascertain and was totally unsympathetic to running cadence. .


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