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Sciatica Sorrow :(

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The weekend before last (15 / 16th), I had a small niggle in my hip / back. It didn't hurt when I ran but when sitting for a while afterwards, I felt very stiff and achey. I didn't run at all in the week as a precaution (walked to work with no trouble though). I felt OK this weekend and so I did a small run on Sunday (23rd). I felt no pain at all when walking and running and so I thought that I was now OK. But this week the pain has been a bit worse - I can't get comfortable in bed and it hurts to sit down on the sofa and get in / out of the car. Most of time I can walk around OK and twist around when at my desk, but I do get sharp stabs of pain if I bend in a certain way and it's difficult to bring my leg up and across my body. I have had sciatica before - I was crippled for a week but this episode is nowhere near as bad so I feel like I'm making a mountain out of a molehill.

I don't know what to do for the best? I can move around OK and even though I am "aware" of my hip / back, it doesn't really HURT hurt - just certain movements remind me that I'm not 100%. I am so gutted that I've had to stop running again as I felt that I was making some progress. I really want to run again but I'm worried I'll hurt myself even more.


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I sympathise and can well understand your frustration. Had this last year and can only suggest a visit to the GP and to take it slow and easy until it

passes. Don't do what I did: thought I was up for a brisk half hour walk and ended up housebound for a week. Good luck and be patient . A hard ask when all you want to do is get out there and run. Just pamper yourself and stay positive. This will pass.


Can you see a Physio for advice on some stretches to do? There is a little muscle in your bum called your piriformis, if it gets tight it can press on your sciatic nerve. It 's not uncommon in runners but stretching correctly usually sorts it out. If you feel able without straining yourself, look for the yoga 'pigeon' pose, that's what my Physio recommended when I had similar problems.

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Ditto to all of this. I had sciatica years ago that was debilitating and thought I got a mild version in December. I rested and researched and self-diagnosed (I know, I should have gone to my physio) as periformis syndrome. I massaged the periformis muscle by sitting/rolling on a lacrosse ball as recommended by physio websites.I also did yoga pigeon pose which i 'd previously been using to help with IT band issues and which I know from yoga practice. Don't try doing pigeon pose without warming your muscles with other stretches for your hips, groin first. Check those suggested in nerdio's link below.

Incidentally mine occurred on the same side of my back as I'd had the earlier problems - I know my body/legs are not balanced, leading to problems.


YJB1 could well be right. This sounds exactly like I had, and blogged here.

notbad gives a link on that blog to some good stretches. First though, rest up, and maybe see a physio/osteo. The guy I go and see sorted me out in 30 minutes, then I just had to rest it and stretch.

You'll be fine, just listen to that warning message from your body. No point in knocking yourself out with running, that is not fun, and running should be fun.


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