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Advice please

A bit of background may help . . .

Saturday I failed to cover run three of week 5 a and felt thoroughly demoralised.

Tuesday I started the run again but felt so good that I just carried on, ala Forrest Gump !

I ran for thirty two minutes but didn't know how far, just a guess.

So this evening I went to start run one of week six. I felt so good that I didn't stop and carried on to 5km in thirty one minutes and thirty seconds, so very pleased

And here's the question, at last :-)

Am I heading for a massive fall and should I go back and start week six with the associated walks or just keep on the steady running increasing the distance a few hundred metres per week.

Many thanks

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It does not sound like it - many of us graduates would kill to be running 5k in 31 mins and we graduated a long time ago. By the end of week six you would be into the only running sessions anyway which from memory are 25 mins, 28mins and 30mins for week 9. See how you get on, your body will simply tell you if you have done too much.


Hi 44cmn, looks like you have taken to running like a duck to water!! But I would err on the cautious side. Too far too soon can and often does lead to injury. The 3 runs each week help to build up your strength and stamina, but do too much and the muscles will object. Having said all that, its your running and no one can stop you, but having done something similar to you and come unstuck the hard way I would say, play safe and don't be sorry. It is after all only another few weeks out of hopefully a lifetime of running.


I tend to agree with "Oldgirl" (Love the name! :) ) If you can already run a 5K in 31 mins, you don't really need C25k at all ( as by it's very name , it is for "Couch dwellers" and either you are not a couch dweller amd/or you have a good ability to run.) If in fact you are indeed a couchdweller who can run well, I think that you probably need to build up strength, stamina and endurance - and all the experts seem to say that is done by long and SLOW runs.


Thanks to all for the advice. I decided to stick to the programme and start week six. Two main reasons -

1. I like to take notice of others who have been there and done it

2. I really want to be able to say "I finished the programme and graduated"

So thanks again

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