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What was that ping in my calf?

I thought I was too slow to get injured but W7r3 today in last 2 mins my calf muscle pinged and felt crampy. It's not very sore but still limping and feeling a crampy sensation when I put weight on it one hour later. Is this an injury? What's best to do?... Rest til it's gone or push through the normal regime? Or stop running? ( I am 60 unfit and overweight)

I was going very slowly but had just experimented with lengthening my stride as I was coming down a hill.

Sorry for the boring question but injury is new to me and am wondering if it's something to be expected and dealt with.,'Man up!' I hear you say. :)

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Achilles' tendon?


Thank you. Have been trying to check what that feels like.


Sounds like a calf spasm, may or may not be a minor strain (where you get a small tear in muscle fibre), downhills can be tricky because of the pressure. Definitely not a case of 'man up', be careful and have at least a couple of extra rest days (or however long it takes to feel okay plus a few extra days) as minor strain can turn into a worse one if you run on it.


Thank you. It's still tender today and have guessed it may be a minor strain. Thanks for the caution. Really want to keep on but it seems Id better take it seriously :)


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