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News to Couch to 5K - looking for partner to join me

Hi, I got my gear, mp3 player and running shoes! Going to download the podcasts today. Feel a bit scared, don't know if I can do it. At 46, the last time I exercised at the gym is +- 2 years ago!

I think it will be nice to have someone start with me on Monday morning 3 March. Living in South Africa for possible time difference.

Yesterday I read all the posts, and it helps alot to know how others experience the 5K.

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Hi Savanna, even if you don't get someone who starts exactly the same time, you'll find folk who post here who will cheer you and sympathise.

Lots have been through the programme, and you'll soon find people who are a run or two ahead or behind as things go on. Just post here occasionally on how things go, and any questions or worries you have.

Good luck!!


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