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General gym/badminton shoes advice needed

Hi guys and girls need some help please. I have been using my good Brooks Ghost running shoes for playing Badminton and doing exercise classes at the gym. They really aren't the right shoe and I found out the hard way on Saturday while playing Badminton when stretching for a long shot my left foot stopped dead and over I went, the tread is too deep and there is no slide with them at all. Result was big bruise on butt, wrenched ankle but thankfully no broken bones.

So its off to the shops for some general sports/badminton shoes I will have to go, does anyone have any recommendations in brand/style that I could look at. Price range £30-£50 max. Thanks in advance, and happy running. :)

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I went into sports direct and they were very helpful - they said I needed a flexi sole and had loads in stock starting from about £30. I had contacted the running shop I got my brooks form and they said they had some for £60 which I though was a bit much! I told him I over pronate and all the speel i'd got from the running shop and he said that the only shoes that support in that way were running shoes, but that a flexi sport was better for netball etc.

I ended up with some rather snazzy looking Nike downshifters that were £30.

Hope that helps.


Thanks digbyfuller I've been down to the city centre this morning and had a good look in Sports Direct, took tall hubby with me to reach shoes on higher selves :) Decided Nike was the brand to go for as their shoes seemed better quality than many of the others, my old feet need good support. Chose the shoe and then found they didn't have in my size - duh. However sales guy took me across to the children's section where we found the same shoe in a different colour. I'm only a size 3-4 tried both sizes and ended up with the 4. Just perfect fit, I'm sitting here with them on just now. Even better still was they were £10 less than the adults ones, so happily paid £24.95 as they also had 30% off in their sale. Will try them at Zumba and Body Balance class tomorrow by which time they should be fine for Badminton on Saturday. :)


Nothing to say about the shoes but haven't you just got over a prolonged illness & shouldn't you be looking after yourself & shall I stop now? Bruised bottom & wrenched ankle sounds painful.


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