Couch to 5K

Week 7 - done!

I set myself the goal of completing C25K by the time we go to Cornwall in the middle of March and it looks like I am on track! I've just completed Run 3 of Week 7. I couldn't understand why it wasn't getting any easier until I looked back over my last 4 runs and realised that I ran my first 25 minutes in 12.04 min/mile and today managed 11.35 min/mile. So I guess as my fitness is gradually increasing, I am speeding up to run at the same 'effort'. Happy today! :)

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I can relate to this. Just completed W8R1 and felt the same last week. Is a big shift to all running, but over the week my pace improved significantly. But the week still kicked my b*tt!


Congratulations - sounds like your goal is well & truly in sight. You can do it!


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