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Running without Laura?

My first post, but have been reading for a week or so. Just completed W8R1 and it kicked my butt. But I managed to break the 5k barrier and I'm looking forward to running my first 5k race on March 9th. Yikes!

I'm a bit worried about running without Laura, though. I *need* her. I'm not sure I could do a race without her in my ear. These longer runs are tough and I don't know if I can dig deep without hearing her soothing tones.

Should I try a run without her, or should I plan to race with a W9 podcast in my ear?

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I would try running without Laura beforehand. But it wouldnt hurt to bring her along on the day.


Have you checked the rules of your race to see if you're allowed to wear headphones? Some places discourage it while others have an outright ban. I would try running without once a week, lots of people find they enjoy it. I'm no longer listening to Laura but it did take me a long time to break the habit!


Thanks! Will ask about rules. And will (gulp) have a go at running without Laura.


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