Couch to 5K

ive started so i will finish

i had to drag myself out tonight , i had to work sat morning got home after that just fell asleep in all my time of running ive never felf so down and on top of that the knee decided to be of apart of team gary .there s nothing as bad as being injured so i spent most of the day doing run or not to run the run was me thinking my knee was going to go with a few good bit s i had to work my ass of tonight hardest run so far funny bit s meeting girlie runner going past each other checking each over out caught her looking 3 times and my sisters loading up the pod with songs with run in it and elo mr blue sky still done it in 1hr 49 shouldnt be moaning just dnt wanna be injured having a rest classic over training me thinks hope you had a good weekend running im off to eat choci happy running all

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Well done - pain over - have a rest day or two :-)


had the gait yesterday new shoes got 3 or 6 tonight nice and easy this time


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