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Been a while....but hello everyone! Just had a great day :) :)

Just had a great day Did another timed 10km in Kortemark today. Quite nervous beforehand, although I don't know why! Anyway the weather was gorgeous but a little windy. I always run my own race so I was tootling along and really enjoying it, when I saw the 5km mark.....I had just done 5km in 29:49....yippee! Never done 5k under 30 mins so I was well chuffed. Carried on minding my own business and enjoying the scenery, listening to some great running music from Podrunner and then there was the finish....flipping heck that seemed quick! IT WAS 1:01:13....yipeeeeeeeee. Never ran that fast before! This was a bit of an anniversary run as it's been a year since I started. For any of my running buddies wondering if cross training is worth doing, then I say YES YES YES. I go to the gym 3 times a week and do cycling and obitrack, then some weight training to help the core. It really does work and is worth making that extra effort if you want to go faster. I'm not competitive, but I do like to improve on my own times when I can. Still busy with my HM training and looking forward to starting 5x50 in March. Keep running and smiling folks it's a beautiful world xxx

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Fabulous...great 10k time...good to see you are doing so well.....looking forward to the 5X 50 too!!!


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