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Tough tough tough this morning, I could hear the wind when I woke up. It was running into it for the 1st 2 5min runs which were difficult. The 3rd run wind was behind me but worried it was pushing me too fast when I was already so tired! Just couldn't find my pace hoping the wind will have gone for Tuesdays run. Gotta keep going determined to get through this now I've started!

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You can do it! running in the wind is never fun, but it really makes you appreciate the still days when they come around:)


Good for you for still going out into that weather! I live on the outer edge of my town so always get some wind. I have found that running with slightly smaller steps makes it easier for me to compensate for the wind displacement (not that I am light as a feather..). Also, I would always have trouble breathing properly until I realized I was bending over in that classic 'heading into the wind' posture which was making it difficult to fully inflate my lungs. And last, not sure if this is true, but I got the idea that i was gasping for breath with wide open mouth which was then being blown away from I started sucking cough drops which prevents my mouth from gaping open.

Good luck with your future runs!


Well done!! I am going out on R1W5 later today with a friend.. Feeling ok about this one, having not died doing 5 min runs in W4, but already the spectre of R3 is playing on my mind!! Good luck us!

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