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Very happy - new distance record of 9k

Very happy to have hit a new milestone of 9k in 55 mins after graduating last September and having started the programme just over a year ago. Can't quite believe the progress so am posting to encourage those who are at the start of the programme. I was running with my husband who is a seasoned runner, and I think it helped to follow someone to up the distance. However, he made a comment that he thinks I head off too fast and it is true my pace for the first 5k was better than the last 4k. I find it really hard to go too slowly though when starting out - especially when the sun is shining as it was yesterday :-). Also my average heart rate tends to be high (167 bpm). I use Runkeeper and am going to try and set up an interval training programme - does 20 seconds sprint + 60 mins steady pace sound about right after a 5 min warm up? Have seem some website which suggest 3 mins sprint/3 mins steady, but I don't think I could manage that. Any ideas welcome please.

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I'm going to start back at week 1 for intervals, and just jog the walk bits and sprint the run bits - or try to anyway :), and do that 1 day a week. let me know how you get on with what you decide to do.


I do intervals on the treadmill, it does seem to increase your speed and endurance. This morning's session (first time on the 'mill for over a month) was 5mins warm up at my standard outside pace followed by 10 sets of 1 minute top treadmill speed (don't get too worried, it's only a little 'mill, only goes 12kph at full out), 30 secs of recovery at my standard outside pace, then a 5 minute cool down, again at my normal outside pace. I was sweating lots at the end (in short sleeves), much more than I have for ages outside (in long sleeves plus light jacket) so must have been a good workout, even though it felt sort of tame (next time 8 sets of 1.5 minutes/30 secs).

Apart from running to the beat using Speed I've not really run intervals outside, I know I would tend to ease off over the course of the fast bit, always had to pick up the pace when Laura starts counting 1, 2, 3, 4. Running on the 'mill means I don't get the choice, I have to run faster until the buzzer sounds and I slow it down.


Thanks for sharing - gives me an idea. I don't have a treadmill option so have programmed runkeeper for 0.25km sprints, with 0.5km normal pace/recovery - will aim to get it to 0.25km/0.25km. Interesting that your recovery is less than your all out as what I have read seems to be the inverse although there seems to be complete flexibility. I guess if you felt like it was a goo workout that is the main thing!.


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