Couch to 5K

1st run in 4 months and I managed 5k

My last run was back in October. A few days ago a colleague mentioned a 10k race in May happening just at our doorstep, so I thought I would try and do it. Yesterday I picked up my trainers, downloaded mapmyrun and rockmyrun and off I went to the park. I feel very unconfortable with cold weather, and that's why I couldn't run after October. But having put on some warm technical top and a windproof jacket I felt ok despite the 5 degrees.

By the 3rd kilometer I was feeling like stopping, but then I don't know why I thought I should try and do at least the full half hour of music. When it finished I fell I could get to the 5k, and in 36m17s I have done it.

Looking forward to go back running tomorrow.

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5k after 4 months off? That is fantastic, and heartening to those folk who have had to stop because of illness or injury (or the cold weather). Good to have a goal!


Yes that's fantastic ! Got me thinking I might have a go after 8wks of injury ( mind you , knowing my luck best not! ) I'll stick to my original plan lol . Congratulations brilliant .


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