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Incorporate C25K into Parkrun

To add a bit of "excitement" to your C25k plan, you can incorporate it into a weekly parkrun. Just do the first two runs of any week around your home area- and then do the third run (which is generally the same as the first two) at a Saturday Parkrun. Do exactly the same run -- with Laura as your guide, do the first 5 minutes warm up walk ( this will clear the other runners away from you) - and when you have done what Laura says, just walk the rest of the way to the finish line. Doing this you can see very early on in the C25K programme where you are going -- and Parkrun is much more fun than always running on your own

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Oooo that's an idea! Thanks for the tip. At least then I get to know the course. :-)


That's a good idea if your local parkrun is not one in which the slowest time recorded is well under 40 minutes! Unfortunately, that is the case with my nearest one, which at 12 miles away is not all that near anyway.


You must have some "hotshots" at your local ! :) We get them coming in from 18 minutes to 1 hour 18 minutes -- and everyone gets cheered equally. We have one bloke who always gets in within the first few runners - then he positions himself at about the last half kilometre mark and runs home with the backrunners - urging them on. Someone commented to me last week that he seems to run more distance with the back runners than those at the front of the pack . Just wondering what numbers run at Brit Parkruns -- I have only run at two sites near me and we have around 200-250 at each. I'm led to believe that some sites get up to 500 -- but have not witnessed that so far.


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