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Week 2 missed - where do you find the time?

I completed week 1 last week, (Monday, Thursday, Sunday) and loved it, but work/half term/husband getting home late has meant that I haven't managed to get any runs in at all this week, but am going to try week 2 run 1 tomorrow rather than repeating a week 1 run. I'm looking forward to the evenings getting lighter as I'm having to find time after 7.30pm when hubby gets home and can look after the kids, as I keeping managing to map routes which are mainly unlit!

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Thats too bad, i hope you get back on track withschool back in session! I missed running when our schools were out in Scotland. Back to it the next week.


There is a running phrase online going around that says "I don't have time to run, I make time", it can be so difficult with life getting in the way - but you can do it. Find a lit route for evenings/early mornings, thats my biggest bit of advice as it frees up so much more time. It took me ages to find a decent route, but it means I can get out at any time of the day. Hopefully with half term over, you will get a chance for some you time :) good luck!


Thanks - early mornings are hard - I get up at 6.00am to get to work as it is, but have "warned" hubby that I will be out of the door as soon as he comes home a couple of times this week - and I expect my dinner on the table when I get in! We'll see how that goes....


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