Couch to 5K

Naked ears AND blind! Managed 2 minutes off my 10k long run though!

I had one of those silly mornings where my routine was all a mess. Set off fine - out into strong and very cold wind which made my eyes fill with tears. Once they had acclimatised I realised I wasn't wearing my glasses. Then my MP3 went off. Presumably flat battery - so no support from Laura.

I was too far from home (300m) to bother going back for glasses and no alternative for Laura so I kept on going. I know where my markers are for the Stamina routine and I know my long route so just gave it my best in the glorious sunshine and silence.

I came back having done 10.01km in 2 minutes less than 9.86km. Not a lot better, I know, but still a good run.

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well done, thats a great achievement...and what a glorious day for running :)


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