Couch to 5K

Yeah - W5r3 done!

I usually run (jog) on Monday & Wednesday evening & early Saturday morning, but that 20 minute run was on my mind. Getting home from work when there was still a little daylight left, I suddenly found that I was in my running clothes, dogs in the car and off to my forestry run. And as everyone has said, amazingly we did it ... and it was OK. The last minute when I pushed hard was almost completely dark and I did manage to run through a deep puddle but who cares?

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Its great to get that 20 min run out of the way! its amazing that getting changed and ready morphs you into a running machine! Forest run sounds good, i might have to try that one soon with the dog! And splashing in puddles is fun really!


Congratulations, well done on facing that big 20 minute run.

I've managed to do W5R2 today and was feeling quite jubilant after both 8 minute runs that I've actually managed to get to the half way mark of the programme. I hadn't made it back by the end of the podcast so just let it play on to the next one. then the lovely Laura said it was the 20 minute run so that wiped the smile off my face pretty quickly. So I'll be looking to your example when I have a go on Sunday. I'm not sure I could trust any of my dogs to be good running buddies though.

Good luck for W6


Good luck on Sunday


Off on my W5R3 this afternoon - but going with a 'proper runner' to make sure I don't give up ... BUT the thought of going with a much better runner than me is giving me the collywobbles too!!!


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