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Week 6 run 1 again, I did it!!!

Hello everyone, I'm back! After 2 weeks off with ankle sprain went straight back in at week 6. I stopped half way through wk6run2 when the pain became unbearable last time.... Armed with new trainers and much fear, I even went out in daylight....And it was OK! My ankle I mean. The run was very unpretty and very very slow but I did it, yippee! Gonna try run 2 tomorrow but not panic too much if I don't make it as after 2 weeks of doing very little and eating very much, it was hard. Going to do whole of week 6 again starting Mon. Fingers crossed I'm still on track to be able to do Sport Relief 5K on 23rd March.

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It happens! You're not on your own. Now you're back on the road you can pick up hopefully where you left off and get to grips with the idea of Graduating and running Sport Relief. No pressure. Ease off the grub and you'll feel lighter and springier which will encourage those feet to move faster.

You can do it!


well done on getting out there! You'll soon be back doing really well again, us C25K bunch are a hardy lot with loads of determination!!!!!!!!!!!!


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