Couch to 5K

Miserable :-(

Had reached the heady heights of week 5 run 2....Then ( and still) disaster( drum roll) flu!!!!!!!!I did n't see it sneaking g up on me only now beginning to feel humAn.I have spent the week in bed,coughing sneezing high temp and other horrible bodily affects best not mentioned. But am I down hearted noooooo because everyone here gives me the hope that I can get right back to it as soon as I am thanks and next week I hope to be posting my progress again!!!

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Oh don't be. You'll be better soon and running again. No worries. Laura is waiting patiently for you to get well. LOL


You may feel the effects of illness for some time longer, when running. I remember missing a couple of runs because of a cold, then finding that I wasn't recovered at all, when I tried my next run. So take it easy on yourself when you start again. Good luck.


You'll be fine, go out and conquer that w5r3 and then bask in the glory of 20 mins running! Hope you feel better soon...........


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